Daniel Gomari, PhD
Founder and CEO

Previously a Stanford University postdoctoral research fellow at Michael Snyder’s lab, where he led projects related to healthy aging and longevity extension. He did his PhD in Computational Biology, ​​where he built and applied novel network-based machine learning methods for computational drug repurposing, with applications in cancer and diabetes patient metabolomics data. Learn more

Prof. Michael Snyder, PhD
Scientific Co-founder

Currently the Stanford B. Ascherman Professor and Chair of Genetics and Director of Genomics and Personalized Medicine at Stanford University School of Medicine. He has authored 500+ publications in the field of precision medicine and has 4 previous biotech/healthtech  exits.
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Prof. Jan Krumsiek, PhD
Scientific Co-founder

Currently a Cornell University professor in computational biomedicine and metabolomics, he is a leading expert in building and applying AI tools for metabolomics data analysis and interpretation. He has authored 90+ publications in the field with a focus on chronic diseases, such as cancer, type 2 diabetes, and Alzheimer’s disease. Learn more

Prof. David Wishart, PhD
Scientific Advisor

Currently a Professor in the Departments of Biological Sciences and Computing Science at the University of Alberta. He founded and leads the Human Metabolome Project (HMP), a multi-university, multi-investigator project that catalogued 250,000+ human metabolites. He has authored 500+ publications with 100,000+ citations in the metabolomics field.
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