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What can you discover with iollo testing?

Identify metabolites that affect your wellness & aging with multiple tests. How fast your metabolites change are a better indication of your wellness than a single snapshot.

Discover where your wellness could use attention. You’ll learn how you are aging, which metabolites are out of range and their food sources, how your metabolic pathways are functioning, and the functional status of your various organs.

Get personalized insights and recommendations. Our recommendations are personalized to you based on your individual lifestyle and behaviors.

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Aging report

We all age at different speeds and your chronological age might not represent your body’s internal age.

Using a select number of metabolites shown in research to associate with aging, we are able to calculate your biological age.

You’ll also discover how you compare to others, your rate of aging, and your biological age at key milestones.

Easy to understand report

Quickly and easily understand what a metabolite is and whether it was in-range.

Trends & insights (multiple tests only)

With multiple tests, you’ll see trends for each matebolite to see your body’s response to changes in your life.

How fast your metabolites change are a better indication of your wellness than a single snapshot.

Sources from your wearable and diet tracking app data

Find out which factors influence your metabolite levels, and specifically which ones are relevant to you based on your data integrations.

Backed by science

All reports and recommendations are backed by science and referenced so you can continue your learning journey.

Individualized action plans

Action plans are catered to each individual based on their unique metabolite levels and where there could be the largest potential impact.

See the potential impact of your plan

With potential impact, you can stay focused and motivated to make positive improvements in your life.

This sample report is just an example. The content may vary in the actual report.

And more...

  • Organ scores
  • Pathways
  • Updated results with newly released analysis and features
  • Access to raw data
  • Participation in scientific research (optional)
  • Consultation with core team scientists (for elite plans only)

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Understand how changes to your diet, physical activity, supplements, and sleep may influence your wellness and aging.

iollo is for anyone who wants to be empowered with information and data about their blood metabolome. iollo tests are intended exclusively for wellness purposes. iollo cannot provide you with medical advice or diagnose you with any disease or condition. Any information provided by iollo is not medical advice and is not intended to replace the advice of your medical professional.